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Home improvement guide: replacing sash windows

If you’re lucky enough to be the owner of a property with sash windows, you will know they really are a thing of beauty. This can often make it hard to decide whether you want to replace them with newer, more up to Continue reading

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The perfect furniture for the perfect guest room

Whether you have people to stay often once in a blue moon or every other week, it’s always nice to have a beautiful guest room ready and prepared for them. Continue reading

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Great Additions To Any Bedroom

When you’re decorating and furnishing your bedroom, the priority is to choose the kind of bed that you want and that is most appropriate to the size of your room.

Measure Your Bedroom

In order to get this right, it’s a good idea to take accurate measurements of the room, noting any permanent obstacles that you need to work around like radiators or doorways and the position of any windows. You should allow enough space around the bed so that you can move around the room easily. Usually, leaving enough room for a bedside cabinet on either side of the bed will suffice.

Bedroom Storage

Second on your list of priorities is to have a piece of furniture to store your clothes in. You may have built-in wardrobes, but if not, you need to decide whether to have them constructed or to buy free standing pieces. For smaller rooms, it may be wise to choose a wardrobe that has some drawer space included so that you don’t need a separate chest of drawers.

Bedroom Furniture Choice

Once you have somewhere to sleep and somewhere to store your clothes, the rest of your furnishing choices for your bedroom are about expressing your personal preferences. If you spend time just relaxing and reading in your room, then you might want a comfortable chair or chaise longue in there. Blanket boxes at the end of the bed can provide a useful extra storage space, while adding an attractive feature to the room. If you like somewhere specific to put on your make-up, then you could fill an extra space in your bedroom with a dressing table and stool.

When you buy different pieces of furniture for your bedroom, it helps to decide on a theme before you start buying. You can buy cheap pine furniture online that comes in particular ranges, so that the bed, chest of drawers, wardrobe and dressing table all match and complement each other. You might prefer oak furniture – which you’ll also find in a variety of bedroom furniture ranges.

Decide what pieces of furniture you’d like for your bedroom, then look at different ranges and see what works best for you. It’s the individual items like a dressing table or a blanket box that will really add a personal touch to your bedroom’s styling.